Hack Club Wheaton

Hack Club Wheaton is the local chapter of Hack Club- a global network for coding clubs. We intend to be a supportive community for all members! Throughout the year, we will be hosting competitions in which you create awesome projects! We will also inform you of hackathons in the area in which you can participate. No prior experience is neccessary to join!


Our Google Classroom is a great way to stay connected about future event and meeting dates! Our code is: 4atyin

We meet on Thursdays after school in Room 3711!


Gandhar (gandhar.viragi@gmail.com)

Vice President:

Tsegazeab (tsegazeab12@gmail.com)


Anthony (anthony.b.huynh@gmail.com)


Simon (simonhknguyen@gmail.com)

Head of Programming:

Yeabsira (yeabsira.r.moges@gmail.com)

Teacher Sponsor:

Mrs. Dunbar (emily_blankingship@mcpsmd.org)